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A subcutaneous mass may sound ominous, but a majority of the time, they’re completely harmless. The problem most often lies in the location of the mass, which can lead to discomfort or irritation, requiring surgical intervention. At Southwest Valley Surgical Associates, Dr. Rama Muddaraj and the rest of the team of general surgeons, often perform minimally invasive surgeries to remove these masses from their patients in Goodyear, Arizona. If you have a mass under your skin that’s causing problems, call the office or book an appointment online.

Subcutaneous Mass Q & A

What is a subcutaneous mass?

Subcutaneous means under the skin and the mass is a cyst, lump, or bump. While the word tumor often evokes fear, these masses are often benign soft tissue growths, which are technically tumors. The masses may also be fluid-filled sacs, lumps of fat, or scar tissue formations.

What causes subcutaneous masses?

Numerous things can cause subcutaneous masses, including:

  • Hormones
  • Traumas
  • Cancer
  • Inflammation

Ultimately, there are dozens of reasons why a mass can form under your skin, and the only way to find out what’s at the root of the problem is to have a doctor examine the area. To do this, your doctor performs a physical exam and may also use advanced imaging to get a look inside the area.

If necessary, your doctor may take a biopsy, or tissue sample, for further investigation.

How are subcutaneous masses removed?

If your doctor decides to remove the subcutaneous mass, rest assured that the team at Southwest Valley Surgical Associates utilizes the latest tools to perform a precise and minimally invasive excision.